Sunday, April 6, 2008


the edges of springtime are starting to show around the gardens, even though everything is still grey and brown; ripples of light are starting to show, and i want to dress like the girls below.

'"it was a group of girls you'd see on the street in the early morning coming home from a ball", explained Olivier Theyskens. His wispy raggle-taggle troupe was wending its way home in a particularly poetic state of dishevelment, of course. Their clothes were ombre-tinted in subtle grays and browns, as if smudged by the murky first light of a city day. The opening girl had pulled on her boyfriend's dusty tux, which had come apart at the back, over an artfully wilted twisted satin tunic. Others had draped sloppy, holey cardigans over the shredded remains of charmeuse and chiffon, trailing stringy feather boas as the walked. Some, possibly, were even down to their shirts or slips (you know how you start losing things on a long night out?), and one had wrapped a blanket- or maybe the dance-hall curtain- over her chiffon gown.'
Nina Ricci, Spring 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008