Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am fucking obsessed about Lady Gaga. Fucking obsessed.
Everything about her totally appeals to me; her shiny shiny pants, her crazy headdresses, her attitude towards her music, her fucking crazyness.

She really makes me want to be totally slapdash glam.

Which is entirely possible, I mean, she glued sequins and sparkles onto $3 dollar bras and called it good- even I can do that shit.


I fucking love her and am sortofreally jealous of her life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long Distance Call

Thank you all for your wonderful words. 
You really encouraged me, and things are looking much better now.

I have been enjoying sunshine, and friends, and loves, and listening to electronica and reggae really loudly in the car with the windows down on the way to parties and picnics.

Parties that look like this:

And picnics that look like this:

All I want now is for it to be summer, and to be dressed in this outfit:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fuck Mondays

There is a lot of shitty, shitty shit going on in my life right now.
And it's Monday, and it's all piling up on me.
I'm mad, and frustrated, and scared, and I need another fucking job.

I am panicking.
I'm moving to Europe in less than four months and I have a fraction of the money that I need in order for me not to die the second I get there...


It's also killing me that my boy and I have less than four months to be together. Who knows if we'll decide to try a long distance relationship (between Germany and Scotland) or if we'll just call it quits in the end of August. But right now it doesn't matter in the least, it just breaks my heart to know that we have an end date- that we don't have forever to have what we have right now.

Sorry to rant....but I miss you guys and I need some words from you all.