Monday, April 27, 2009

I just turned 20 two weeks ago, and I have never felt more unsure and lost in my life.

I'm usually so determined, but now I feel as if I'm floating.

Drifting without aim.

I cannot be decisive about my future, 

I cannot even be decisive about my present. 

I am frustrated. 

I feel weak.

But I'm happy too.

It's confusing, conflicting, infuriating.

Perhaps there is just a time to be indecisive, perhaps I am just learning more about myself...

Things that I would never know were it not for this sort of time.

Perhaps it won't last, although it feels like forever in both directions....

Monday, April 20, 2009


It's the first really truly hot and sunny day of spring today.

I'm sure it's going to get rainy again- this is Oregon after all- but today is just glorious!

I cannot wait for summer.

This summer is going to be so good. 

So, so good.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Party and Bullshit

Usually when I get emails from companies saying that they just loooove my blog I just delete them, because I'm really not interested in advertising for anyone, and I really am not into the whole consume consume consume thing, but today I got a sweet email from loyale, saying that they thought that I (and my readers!) might be interested in their awesome eco-friendly fashion.


This is who they are:
loyale is a fashion-forward, sustainable clothing company that aims to make the simple act of getting dressed in the morning world
changing. in 2005, Jenny Hwa founded loyale to provide eco-chic apparel for women who are equally conscious about fashion as they
are about the environment. the intention of loyale is to inspire activism by designing stylish clothing that is crafted exclusively using sustainable fabrics and to create a shift in consciousness where commerce and compassion for the planet can coexist. 

Pretty fucking sweet, no?

And the clothes are pretty and comfy looking.

They're way out of my price range, buuuuuuuuut the sweeties there said this in their email "On April 22nd, we plan on offering 25% off our site in celebration of Earth Day - we would be happy to extend this deal to your readers."

Also pretty fucking sweet.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Warm sunshine

Hello my lovelies.
It's feeling springtimey here, and I am so so happy.
Yesterday I spent all day with my best friend and my boy, drinking champagne and eating strawberries and playing in the park and putting flowers in my hair. 
It was wonderfully lovely.
And today it's just as beautiful. I just wish I was in a swing in a tree rather than at a desk in an office...