Friday, June 20, 2008

studying stones

I think far too often I turn to fashion as my inspiration, instead of looking at the rest of the world as a base for my personal creativity. I'm visiting home right now, and I was flipping through my little brother's Encyclopedia of Mythology I realized how beautiful and inspiring many of the illustrations are. I think if I open my eyes to art and nature and the world around me instead of tunnel visioning fashion I think I'll feel much more original and creative. Just a thought.
Gustav Klimt and Sandro Botticelli are artists that will never cease to inspire me. Perhaps they are overrated, but I don't really care as they just strike such a beautiful chord with me.
Botticelli "La Primavera"

Klimt "Fredericke Maria Beer-Monti"

Klimt "Acqua Mossa"

Botticelli "Birth of Venus"

Klimt "Danae"

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