Monday, July 28, 2008

oh autumn where art thou?

Sometimes I say really odd things. Just yesterday my boss was playing around with a lit candle and my favorite pen, and in response to his actions I blurted out "Don't desecrate my pen thus!" 
In other news, I am driven to frustration and tears by this god awful trying to obtain a work visa for the UK business, and I have been working like mad. So this little place gets quite neglected seeing as my brain cells cannot work together to come up with anything exciting to wear or anything interesting to say (see above quote for an exception). 

I do however still lust after things in my work and research harried brain.

For one, I want the Diana camera.
On my google image search for a Diana camera I came across these, which made me want it more.

And now I'm off to work again. Whhheee. I love you all m'dears.