Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh, but your wish is my command

I am in a state of utter exhaustion. Packing and leaving and not going back to school are draining me, physically and emotionally- so I've been avoiding doing these half-assed posts, because they're rather lame. I have a pile of half finished things I want to blog about, but am just too tired...maybe next week?

Anyway, here is a glimpse into my life as of late:
*this is so depressing, my room here in the city was my haven this summer, it was gorgeous and comfy and truly the source of my sense of inspiration and creativity. I am sad I didn't take pictures of it when it was clean and not in the midst of disarray. I think I just don't deal with change very well. I will truly miss living here, I will miss the noises, lights, and people. I will miss the buildings, brooklyn, the skylines, the water, everything. And most of all I miss not going back to school.