Friday, September 12, 2008

Total loser.

I may just be the biggest loser on the face of the planet, or I may be rebelling against fashion's institution, or I might just be lazy and distracted, but I have not looked at any- that's right any- runway shows from NY fashion week, the SS09 collections, or any other fashion related anything.

I suppose I should look at the collections, but lately I've been so anti-rules, anti-trends, anti-ins and outs that it's really hard for me to give a fuck.
I am coming to this point in my life where I care less about fashion and more about the art of clothing oneself. 
I think that fashion, in its purest form, is essentially a three dimensional projection of the art that is present within an individual. I think that our bodies are the palettes and canvases which we are given to work with and on, and that each individual canvas is that much more beautiful because it is an individual; no two look alike. Right now fashion shows- with skinny clone models, choreographed cat-walks, and money, money, money- are incredibly uninspiring to me. I feel like they've been drained of life, and injected with high society and lots of dollar bills, things that fashion is really not about. 
Fashion should push limits, not reside within them, they should break bounds, not create them, and fashion should never, ever judge.

So I, like this guy, am gonna say "fuck it, let's have fashion anarchy" and do whatever the hell I please. 

image from facehunter.