Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little boxes made out of ticky-tacky

I so wish I could have been alive when the Beatles were in their hayday. AND I wish I could have gone to woodstock. Wouldn't that have been like the most amazing experience EVER? I would a bigger hippie than I already am...
Speaking of hippies, I've decided (again) that I am not going to buy anything new (within reason. used unders do not seem appealing), or make it myself. I'm done with this fucking consumerist/capitalist culture.
To top that, I'm going to work on an organic farm and live at findhorn and talk to the fairies in Scotland this summer, before I (ugh cross fingers that I get in) go to uni.

All of this has nothing to do with these pictures. I just like them. And sort of want to be all these people for just like, 30 seconds.

(uhm. hello??!!? I die. I'd be this chick for like 30 minutes, or years)

urm. the photos are from the sartorialist, reykjavic looks, stylesightings, copenhagen street style, and stil in berlin. i think.

YEAH. And thanks everyone for telling me to dye my hair, I'll probs get too scared, and not do it, or something. But I love all of your comments, and I love you all more.