Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5 Things I Hate On A Tuesday

YAAAY 5 things I hate is back! And I'm full of spite to boot!!

1. I hate when eyeliner doesn't go on right. HATE IT. Especially when I'm trying to do a cat-eye; however, I've been practicing lately, and I think I'm doing pretty well:

(apologies for the terrible lighting (I'm at work...) and the awful hair. I hate my hair today too...)

2. Cold tea. Isn't it just the worst thing in the universe to make yourself a steaming cup of tea, leave it to cool, and come back to a cup of tepid tea? I hate it.

(this has nothing to do with tepid tea, but it's so effing cute. It's from here.)

3. Freezing cold toes. Last night I thought my toes were going to fall off they were so cold, even though they were buried under lots and lots of blankets. 

(this also has nothing to do with this hate, but it came up in my flickr search for 'messy bed covers' and i thought it was cool...so...)

4. Not being in New York City. It's getting to me...

(this was taken in my home in New York when I lived there. Spot the subway map in the background? That's from New York too.)

5.  I hate that this guy is not my boyfriend:

(even though he's like, 35...oh, also, the photo is from here, which is basically an amazing place)

The end.