Monday, November 17, 2008

Tagged, three times over

I forget about tags sometimes, which I feel bad about, because getting tagged is so exciting.

First thing, I got this wonderful tag from both Mila and the lovely tea drinking english rose, which mean that my blog truly is excellent.

I will now give this award to the unicorn diaries for being so very beautiful and inspiring.

Also, I've been tagged by the most amazing hrose:

Six random things about me:
1. I was born at home.
2. If money and talent were no hinderance I would be a singer in a smoky jazz club.
3. I love mango sorbet.
4. I was a princess in my high school's homecoming court during my senior year, something which still is bemusing to me.
5. I was born on April 9th, and I love the numbers 4 and 9.
6. I am a terribly, terribly messy person.

Six random things I like:
1. The palm tree that is in the corner of my room, overhanging my bed.
2. Soft lighting in photos.
3. Little porcelain elephant figurines. My mom has a collection from when she was little, and I love them so much.
4. Getting letters in the mail.
5. Mushrooms. They are probably my favorite food in the world.
6. The crazy new shoes I got yesterday. They make me giggle, and thus are worth having.

Six random things I dislike:
1. Going down hills fast.
2. Cold toes.
3. Being lonely.
4. Running out of my favorite morning time tea.
5. Organized religion.
6. When dirty dishes get piled up in the kitchen sink.

I'm now passing this award on to fifikoussout because she seems oh so lovely and I would like to know more about her.

And very last, this is how I am feeling right now:

(top one by me, the rest from google images)