Monday, December 1, 2008

These are pretty things from pretty people

I'm lacking self-inspiration.
However there are some blogs that are just bursting with it.

I love Mila in particular. Love her. She's the absolute sweetest, ever.

All these pretty things are from her blog.

Also Betsey never has anything but beauty to show the world.

...and these beauties are from her blog.

I've just discovered Stardust Sparkle. She's incredibly talented...

...from her blog...

Alice is also very talented.

...from her blog...

Michelle takes the most astoundingly gorgeous photos.

And I wish it would snow. So badly. It would feel ever so much more Christmasy if only it was snowy. I'm working on all of my christmas gifts right now- I am handmaking all of them this year, and it's absolutely wonderful. 

I love you all!