Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I dreamt about snakes last night

I think it's funny that when I am content with my life I have less to say.
Less inspiration, almost.
Less need to find catharsis, less emotional outpouring.
I sort of miss the angst that forced so much beauty out of myself.

But on the other hand, I sort of like being content.
I think that's it, contentment breeds sedation. 

Isn't that funny? 
We look for contentment in everything, and when we find it, we find that it makes us sedentary, lazy, and then we realize that the looking for it was really the point, the act of searching, the scouring and seeking the real adventure.

Being content is boring.

So now I am going to have an adventure, and find excitement, because excitement is not contentment, and excitement is not boring.

On a side note, isn't Tim Walker fucking brilliant?? He's the one fashion photographer that consistently reminds me that fashion (please note that I am talking about the fashion industry, and 'fashion', which I differentiate greatly from style, dressing, and the use of clothing as a form of self expression) can be amazing. I've done a pretty drastic 180 in terms of how I regard fashion within the last year - going from wanting to work in that industry, to thinking that the industry is basically a capitalistic, consumeristic game for the rich, played by the rich. Tim's photography, however, reminds me that even if the fashion industry is a shallow cesspool of upper class elitists there is still art to be found there, and a beautiful sense of expression that is eloquently stated by finely crafted clothing. 
Plus, disregarding the clothing he does or doesn't use, he takes fucking incredible photos.