Thursday, February 4, 2010

after the apocalypse

 I was thinking today about what I would wear after the apocalypse (actually that's less likely than a third world war, or chronic global environmental change, or the depletion of natural resources, or, or, or) and was simultaneously preemptively feeling thankful that I know how to garden, and sew, and knit, and spin yarn, and do a multitude of other completely useful things.

After the world has come to an end I envision myself in draped black materials paired with heavy leathers- sort of bike-gang tough mixed with dark enchantress. I'm thinking swaths of soft but durable blacks and greys, with a good amount of leather and metal thrown in in forms of pants, jackets, and embellishments. I also think that in a post-apocalyptic world the sort of clothing you'd need would have to have lots of secret pockets, so the draping would be very useful for little hidden compartments.

I did some sketches, because I was bored and sketching sounded like fun:

And then I got dressed in this:

I really wish I had more skill with a camera, because I promise this looks way better in person. The scarf/hood thing is all drapey and looks sweet, but in the photos it's scheiße and you can't see any detail. Oh well. 
I've also been thinking about how to incorporate more dramatic shapes into what I wear, and I like how this really boring sweater worn upside down gets all boxy and draped at the same time.

p.s. thankxxx everyone for the comments on the last post, I sometimes just need to vent, and if I'm gonna do it anyway, why not do it here?