Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hold my things please

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Through my perusal of's featured fall 2008 accessories I came across more than a bounteous amount of bags that I would really like to have hold my things. To see the bags in detail click on the picture...

I can just imagine wearing gorgeous vintage fur stoles, flowy floral dresses, and knitwear all thrown together in a slouchy, layery mess, topped off with one of the rich royal bags this fall.

As for the whimsys, I can see myself pairing them with neutrals or popping jewel tones, robin-hood boots, and silvers and golds, layered (of course) to perfection.

And the mods, the mods are the basic, to be paired with whatever I should feel like wearing, jeans and tees; little dresses, tights, and oversized knit sweaters; 0r monochrome outfits.