Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's been a while...

Actually it's been a hell of a long time. Since I've posted that is. I think my .o4 readers are quite disappointed with me. Anyway school's out and I have a tad more time so I'll be consistently updating now. 

So I moved to New York City. That's really the foundation of all that's been on my mind and proverbial plate recently. Being here is a far cry from little po-dunk Gresham, and I've really been dealing with some personal shit because of it. Personal shit that just so happens to be mostly manifesting itself in my wardrobe. I am, I have discovered, not an individual here (in both fashion and personal aspects). In Gresham, OR, yes, I am a crazy, unique individual- there is rarely a time I'll go out of my house without garnering at least a couple incredulous looks- but now that I'm in this crazy ass place surrounded by ten zillion other individual, unique crazies, I'm feeling rather less than mediocre. I feel boring! I feel like I can never have an individual, creative, entirely unique and new idea, style, or thought, and it's driving me batty. I mean, I have my inspirations, but I feel like I am just being a big fat copy-cat, and not really being unique. It's really driving me crazy, but until I have an epiphany or breakthrough of some sort I suppose I'll leave you with some of my recent inspirations.

clocks and keys:
bird and clock headband, clock necklace, key necklace, and clock ring- all made by yours truly

the second inspiration of late is my mother, a woman who I respect and love more than life, and who's life I only hope mine will compare to. I put together a little photoshopped confection of pictures of her only to have photoshop quit unexpectedly on me, and delete all the work I'd done...so my next post will be on her.