Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Everything's coming up roses

I know I said I'd do a post on my mom, but I'm tired and have to get up early to go to my internship, so I'm gonna put that one off. I am also in the middle of an impulse DIY project that is involving a lot of hand sewing, funny netting, and awkward draping...I'll get back to you about how that all works out. So because of my fatigue and distraction I'll leave you with what I'm inspired with today: Queen Michelle and Queen Marie of Kingdom of Style. I seriously have scoured every single post they have ever posted within the past two days, and lemme tell you, these girls are some kind of royalty. I love em. 

Queen Michelle really makes me wish my figure was more androgynous...and that I could find harem pants somewhere (for really cheap...if any of you have ideas, please do tell!):
photo from the Queens' blog, link posted above