Friday, June 13, 2008

Tag-I'm it!

What fun! Lovely Anna of freshly baked cookies has tagged me!

The Rules:
Post the Rules, answer all of the questions, and tag six people (and let them know they've been tagged)

1. What were you doing ten years ago?
    Well, ten years ago today I was nine years, two months, and four days old. I was pretending to be a fairy, dressing up in floaty things, building fairy forts out of chairs and trees and big swaths of cloth, fighting with my brothers, writing stories, making up and existing in fantasy worlds, reading books and books and more books, running around bare footed, and creating things.

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
     1. Drink more water.
     2. Think about taking a walk.
     3. Write on a sheet of paper, not on the computer.
     4. Think about seeing Vampire weekend tomorrow afternoon for free in Central Park until I am giddy with excitement.
     5. Go to bed at a decent hour.

3. What are the snacks you enjoy?
     Anyone who knows me knows I don't discriminate. I'll eat everything, and most likely enjoy it. But as of right now, I am particularly enjoying baby carrots, crepes, tofu, and chocolate, always chocolate. And yes, all of those count as snacks. Oh! and pears, plums, peaches and bananas. I love bananas.

4. Where are the places you have lived?
    Where are the places I haven't lived is more like it... Let's see... I was born in a big, cozy farmhouse in Virginia, then lived in an old green van that brought us to Vermont, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, then lived in a house shared with my parents best friends' family in Maui, then in the cozy old farmhouse again, then in a cramped apartment in Missouri, and finally in a little grey house in Portland Oregon. This, mind you, was all before the age of six. From six on I lived in Oregon, that is until I moved to New York last August. And now I am a New York City girl.  

5. What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire? 
    1. Regularly shop wherever the hell I want to shop
    2. Travel all over, all the time, but not like regular traveling. I would want to live wherever I went so I would go everywhere and stay for a couple of months, then pick up and move somewhere else when I felt the time had come to do so.
    3. (I'm stealing this one from freshly baked cookies) Make sure that my family and closest friends can fulfill at least one biggest dream of theirs.
   4. Have a personal trainer, get in good shape, and learn how to really relax.
   5. Pursue fashion and saving the world.

6. Who are the people you would like to know more about?
     Ed Westwick, Eugenie Dalland, people in pictures, me, my great grandmas, people that other people don't know.

I now tag: my little Kelsey, Zoë & Jessica, lc, the Queens, Effie, and bestie. Have fun my little cupcakes!