Saturday, June 14, 2008

Look outside at the raincoats coming

I wish I had brought a raincoat with me to see Vampire Weekend this afternoon at Central Park Summer Stage. However, I decided to do the opposite of wearing a raincoat and wore a very thin, white, summery little dress. Ooops! about 1.5 minutes after I got off the subway it was raining, and about 30 minutes after I got in line my umbrella began to leak (at least I had the sense to bring an umbrella!), and then, about after an hour of waiting I was soaked through and everyone and their mothers could see my very scanty drawers. Nice. Anyway, the concert was just about the best thing in the world, perhaps because it was soaking wet, pouring down rain, and we were all dancing and singing our little hearts out. Or perhaps because I am in love with Vampire Weekend and I want to marry them all and have lots of musical babies. 

Such a good day!!! 

And here's a little Vampire for you....


Oh, and Ezra, don't waste your time with other girls, because um, you're mine.