Saturday, July 19, 2008

big eyes, little mouth

If today were to be a food it would be cotton candy, all sweet and fun and floaty and sticky. I went to Coney Island today for the first time ever, to partake in the sweaty, hipster-y mess that is the Siren Music Festival. It was phenomenal, the bands were awesome (I only payed attention to the Dodos, Beach House, Islands, and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks to be honest, but still), the weather was HOT, and so were the people. 

Other than seeing some FAB FAB bands I also had a few other fun
 surprises. As I was just becoming rather infuriated with trying to find a couple friends (a situation that turned into a downright wild goose chase) a rather attractive guy asked to get my photo to use as part of a promotional something-or-another for the movie What We do is Secret, which was quite a pick-me-up. Then as I was walking on the boardwalk with my friends (I finally did find them), Eddie Newton of Stylesightings stopped my friend and I and asked to shoot both of us! 

Plus it was just a good day. Here are some things to look at.

p.s. thanks to everyone who recommended solutions to my photo uploading problem, I am much too tired tonight to try the suggestions but they will come to good use shortly. 

Many loves to you all!