Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm so plaid

I just realized how exceptionally out of the fashion show loop I have been of late. It used to be that I would spend hours perusing collection after collection- but recently I've been paying much more attention to "real people"-wear (you guys). So when I came to the conclusion just the other day that I absolutely stupendously love plaid I thought I was being all original- well a quick jaunt through a couple magazines, and put me right on that matter. Apparently plaid is going to be big this fall, a trend I fully intend to endorse, though my pocketbook will unfortunately be ruling out buying these:

I'm not a big fan of D&G, and a lot of looks from this collection were, in my opinion, too overdone- to the point where the integrity and interest of each garment is lost to the larger clash of pattern, color, and shape. But I love these. The last one reminds me of Ukranian pysanky:

On first glance I didn't really think this collection was all that great (I promise I'm not usually this negative!), but when I looked closer I absolutely fell for it. The colors, textures, and shapes that are used are just bloody brilliant. 

Peter Som
I completely adore the creativity of this collection. It's classic, but with a twist, and I would wear every single piece.  

And I'll take these as my little black dresses, yes please!

Apologies for not posting yesterday, it was a tiring and hectic day. Much love to you all, thank you all for reading and commenting, this blog has rather become my baby.

edit: I HATE MY BLOGGER ACCOUNT!! Or something like that, every time I preview this post it is about a third of the way as long, because the pictures line up properly (3 in a row, 2 rows of 3 pics), but when I publish it it messes it all up! Also the pictures are un-clickable! Why? If anyone has any suggestions as to solving this problem please do tell!