Tuesday, July 1, 2008

dimelo amor

This is the way my day went:


lust at the american apparel in soho

some pretty kick ass graffiti also in soho

witnessed the to-be-gloriousness of the first stateside topshop for myself

went grocery shopping without buying anything, just drooled over the cheese
(gruyere reminds me of Pushing Daisies, and Tillamook reminds me of home)

ran into aggy agg on the street and nearly peed myself. Seriously guys, I've never mentioned it on here, but I have some serious LOVE for this girl. I saw her in the lower east side, and looked over, literally stopped in my tracks and watched her (she was perched atop her bike waiting for someone it turns out). I was too timid to talk to her (mostly because all I could have said was ohmygodiloveyouyouaresogorgeousandperfectandcanwetradelives? and then I would have sounded really lame), so I pretended to be texting someone and just stared at her. Then I followed her for a block. I'm a stalker. 
walked past this restaurant which always reminds me of the song M79 by Vampire Weekend
saw a photoshoot in Tomkins Square park
Got some new sunglasses, and checked out Good Bye Lenin from the library.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty successful day, given that my goal upon leaving the house this morning was to wander soho and the lower east side until I spotted someone famous. Plus it was just nice to aimlessly walk all day. I think I got sunburned though.

*pictures from yogasite.com
Oh and I totally adore all of you.