Friday, August 8, 2008

Rebel, rebel

Fashion and rules don't mix. I hate rules. I'll wear tartan in the summer, florals in the fall, and carry my worn out canvas tote bag all year long if I damn well please. And I assure you that I damn well please. More than anything I cannot stand those silly emails that I get from Who What Wear telling me which trend to buy into, and which to ditch; or the constraining articles about what you should wear for your age, the season, the trend of the moment, or how to match your tiny little rat-dog that you carry around in your overly large and garish louis vuitton bag with your ├╝ber-trendy new gladiator sandals.

Rules make me rebellious. If fashion has rules how the hell are we supposed to ever do anything inventive, creative, or new? I say fuck rules, and wear what you want, when you want, and how you want. I tend to be open to anything fashion related-my best friend is convinced that I like anything and everything that walks down a runway just because it walks down a runway- but the truth is that I like anything that pushes the limits of my imagination, and, to be repetitive, if we conform how are we supposed to make (and be) creations that push anything?

So fuck rules, let's have fashion anarchy!!

All photos are from photo decadent...details to come later.

oh and p.s. these photos are clickable! I'm still having issues posting photos that are clickable/not in a long long line/that cooperate with maybe the blogger photo gods are smiling upon me today. now if only the chiffon billowy cream colored dress gods were smiling on me....