Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mmmm, now I smell like these people

Yesterday I had a free half hour between internship-ing and yoga-ing during which I found myself thoughtlessly marching into Lord & Taylor to window shop. Less than ten minutes later I emerged with an $87 dollar bottle of perfume, nicely wrapped, and stowed in a little white bag.

I dropped $87 dollars on a bottle of perfume. My thought process went something like this: 
Oh, the perfume department- I bet they have Burberry London.
Yes they do! Oh, and the lady behind the counter is so nice.
I love this scent so much. 
"I'll take the biggest bottle you have."

I do not impulse buy.
I do not impulse buy.
I only infrequently impulse buy very good quality expensive perfume.

I also do not regret.
(Only because I am still in denial, and I do smell fucking great)