Saturday, August 2, 2008

Red Rover, Red Rover send Scarlett on over

You all are the bee's knees, I love the sweet comments you leave me!

I watched Match Point last night and realized that a) Jonathan Ryhs Meyers is really hot and b) Scarlett Johansson is even hotter.

I have never really been taken with Miss Scarlett before, and I'm not sure why. I think it is because she seems to live a rather scandalous life, and I am rather more inclined to like the celebrity types that are more modest. But upon further consideration I think I'm just jealous. She's incredibly gorgeous, has a real person body (as opposed to a twig sized body), has a vivacious life, and an amazing career- I'm jealous. But at the same time she really inspires me, because she has curves and is real. I like real people. 

In other news, I went for a lovely brunch and thrifting excursion with Saray from my idea of fashion because she is visiting NYC for a bit. It was really fun to meet another blogger- I love that this blog has connected me to so many different parts of the world, and has begun to allow me to meet such a dynamic group of people.