Thursday, September 4, 2008


My friends are the BEST in the world. I came to school last night to (I thought) just chill with everyone, and I walked into a surprise going away party!!
How fucking awesome is that/ are they?? I had the best night I've had in a long time.
They even got me presents, and made me a playlist of my favorite music, and baked me cupcakes.


I also love you all for saying funny things to me about my tattoo/loving it. I love it. And you.

Now on to business. Mila from Loveology tagged me about a million years ago, and I am finally doing it. Yay.

The last three things I purchased:
1. A fucking kick ass shearling fur hat.
2. A tattoo of an avocado
3. A pair of sort of amazing steve madden brown leather boots with heels.

I like fur, so shoot me.

The last three songs I downloaded:
1. "Stronger"- Kanye feat. Daft Punk
2. "I love you and Buddha too"- Mason Jennings
3. "Creeper"- Islands

The last three places I've visited:
1. Charlottesville, Virginia
2. Sarah Lawrence College
3. Coney Island.

Three of my favorite movies are:
1. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
2. Lucia y el Sexo
3. Amelie

Three of my favorite possessions are:
1. My laptop. I even named her, I love her so much. Her name is Minerva.
2. My jewelry (it counts as is singular...shut up, I'm cheating ok?)
3. My grey striped scarf that was bought in Germany by my Omi, given to my aunt Lori, somehow passed to my mom, used as a tablecloth, then scooped up by me, only to be left somewhere on an Amtrak train, or possibly in the living room of one of my various relatives. I miss it.

Three things I cannot live without:
1. water
2. food
3. oxygen
I think this is a silly question. The phrasing at least is silly. The things I would not care to live without are as follows: my clothing, my sewing kit, and electricity

cupcakes count as food...

Three things I have not done yet:
1. Gone to Eastern Europe.
2. Become a famous fashion anarchist
3. Created a shrine to the various goddesses that I love

Three of my favorite dishes are:
1. Spoons
2. Teacups & saucers with mismatched floral patterns
3. Fondue forks
(I know this was meant to be my favorite food dishes, but it's more fun this way)

The three celebrities I want to hang out with the most are:
1. Natalie Portman
2. James Franco
3. Obama

Three unusual things I am good at:
1. Being honest
2. Making omlettes
3. I read really quickly

Three things that I am coveting are:
1. A more lithe, fit body
2. Everything in Queen Michelle's closet
3. Some seriously studded heels/boots/flats/anything (OH AND CHIFFON!!!)

I'm skipping the tagging part, because I suck at choosing, and I want anyone who wants to do it to do it!

I lurve you all, mucho mucho mucho.