Wednesday, October 22, 2008

5 Things I Love On A Wednesday

This post is for Mila

1. Pear tart. I love pear tart. The flavor is the most sublime thing I have ever tasted. Generally pear tarts are pretty to look at as well as taste.

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2. Words. I love words. Thinking about words makes my head spin, my heart thud. I love the way they can be broken, reformed, meaningful, empty. Words make life, words sculpt, they build, they create beauty, they destroy, sting, cut, and wield the greatest power. Words are why I live, they are why I love, they are in me and out of me, words are me. Some of my favorite words: lithe, stealth, write, and the saying 'keep calm and carry on'.  

3. Beauty. Beauty is another reason I live. I love beauty, I love to see it, create it, be it. Beauty in any form touches me, and reminds me of why life is so precious. 

(from various folders on my computer- sorry for not crediting...)

4. Books!! I love books, rooms full of books, carts full of books, bags full of books, shelves full of books books books! I suppose loving books goes along with my love of words, but I seriously adore books. I want a library full of them when I grow up.

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5. Dancing. I love dancing, in every way shape, and form. It's freeing, it's fun, it's sexy, it's joyous. I love it.

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and last, but of course not least, I love you all!!