Monday, October 20, 2008

5 Things I Hate On A Tuesday

( no particular order...)

1. Erin Wasson. 
I hate that bitch. I hate her face, I hate the words that come out of her mouth, I hate the way she's so 'messily chic'. I hate her, and wouldn't mind if she fell out of a helicopter into shark infested waters off the coast of Siberia.

2. Sarah Palin. We already know how I feel about this cunt. Enough said.

3. Fashion. I fucking hate fashion. I hate rules in general, and when rules are applied to an art form (i.e. what you should wear on wednesday evenings when you are going to weave baskets, drink cocktails with bruce willis and then attend your best friend's wedding) I pretty much lose it. I like clothes. I like art. I like the combo. I hate fashion. 
Who cares?

4. The suburbs. What the fuck is the point of suburbia? Other than people being greedy and thinking it's their right to own land (hello-manifest destiny should not still be playing a part in our society, but that's another rant altogether...) there is absolutely no reason for it. Oh, other than provide an easy route to class divisions, racism, crime, and excess babies. 

5. Misspelling and the misuse of grammar and punctuation. UHHHHHHG it drives me CUHRAYZAY!!!!! 

Sometimes I just need some goddamned cynicism.