Sunday, November 9, 2008

And the songs they get louder, each one better than before

Humans are such funny beings. We have our entire lives to experiment and explore, yet we hold ourselves back so easily, so much of the time. Perhaps some of the exploration is outside the bounds of the social norm, so we wait until we are older, or alone, or more rebellious to explore it- but who is to say when to stop or when to go, in these explorations?

Perhaps some thirteen year olds are ready to explore sexuality. Who is it to hold them back? Perhaps some sixty year olds are ready to begin smoking pot. Who is it to stop them? Who has the right to say 'Halt!' to someone else's explorations? 

It is not my place to tell you when to stop or when to go, it is not my place to tell you what is right or what is wrong. It is my place to live my life without anyone else telling me in which direction to go, which path to choose to explore, what to experiment with, what is right, what is wrong, when to stop, or when to go.

That is for me to decide alone. That is for you alone to decide. When we all decide what is us, each person individually developing without bounds and restrictions, we can link each other together with love and acceptance. 

When you decide to be Christian I ask that you try not to push it upon me, because I have decided that words are the stuff to which worship is due, and I will try not to push that upon you. When I decide that my capability to love is stymied by monogamy please try not to condemn me, because I will try not to condemn you for channelling all of your love into one individual lover. When I choose to disregard the confines and socially constructed definitions of sex and gender please try not to  judge me, because I will try not to judge your choice to call yourself a traditional housewife. When I use my right to choose please try not to chide me, because I will try not to chide you for keeping your embryo. All I ask is that you try to love me, because no matter our differences, I will try to love you.

Because all we need is love. Without it we will never advance, we will all die. With love comes peace, with love comes acceptance, with love comes tolerance and understanding, with love comes freedom. We can all love. We all need love, need to love, before we self destruct.

(photos from here)