Monday, November 10, 2008

My face will be the mirror to yours

Emotions keep swelling up inside of me unexpectedly.
Unexpected emotions.
Feelings I am not ready for, not looking for.
Emotions that are unexpected.

It seems that my heart is so ready to love that it loves without discretion.
Someday my heart needs to learn discretion.
Before I love until I die, and no one loves me back.

My silly, silly heart is on crutches,
My heart is in crumbles,
My silly heart is aching, and crying, and begging for more.
When will my silly heart learn?

It's sitting here, my heart,
Pinned on my sleeve,
Here for you to see.
Here for you to have.
So why don't you love me back? 

(all photos by Tim Walker)

I'm also working on a series of collages portraying the seven deadly sins, that I'll be selling in my Etsy. This is the first one, and will be up for sale tomorrow or so- I'm really loving it, and this series in general.