Saturday, January 10, 2009

There's a million of you and only a half of me

What if all of the sudden I forgot all of the names of all of the people I'd ever met?

How long can one survive on only Vonnegut and cherries?

What if all of your facial expressions got translated to your feet?


How many emotions can a body physically hold before it explodes or becomes more than one body?

Can a person fall in love with someone they don't know exists?

If I always lived above the clouds do you think that spf 50 would keep me from getting sunburnt?


If the internet didn't exist would everyone be less lonely?

If everyone in the world only wore flowers would anyone be allergic to them?

Wouldn't life be so much more fair if people loved beautiful people less easily?

If snow was actually popcorn would anyone have as much fun skiing? 


If time could stand still where would you want to be when it did that?