Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Applause, applause life is our cause

I have this funny little habit-whenever I feel like I can't find anything to wear in my closet, I tear through everything I own and invariably end up finding something I never wear and converting it to a skirt. Which subsequently makes me late for whatever I am going to do, but oh well because, I have another skirt!

Here's what I made and wore today:
skull necklace
sunglasses from a vendor on st. marks place
netting skirt worn as a cape made by me
vintage banana republic belt
fake leather/pvc skirt made by me (from an ugly old dress)

Yesterday I pulled on the beloved trousers once again, along with the fringe necklace that I love oh so much (excuse the toilet paper dispenser, I was in the bathroom at work when I took these):
fringe necklace made by me
skull necklace
old navy tank
secondhand trows edited by me
Steve Madden ankle booties