Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the many phases of the hair on top of my head

Alternative titles for this post include: 'reasons to post pictures of myself on the internet', 'vanity and photobooth make a lovely pair' and 'I miss my long hair'.

Anyway I'm back in sunny new york city, I'm tired, and I feel a bit ill, so I am going to do this post instead of something that actually takes effort. A chronology of my hair:

Long Hair. What I rocked for the majority of my life. 
I got a bob!
That wasn't enough trauma, so...
I chopped it all off. And now I miss my long hair.

Oh and this? 

I just like this one.

What do you all think? Let's judge my hairstyles over the last year- please feel free to be rude, critical, and really sarcastic. k thanks bye.

Oh p.s. just because I am feeling very sardonic today does not mean I don't love you, and THANK YOU to everyone who has been emailing me with ideas/contributions to my weeeeedle collagey thing. Yeah I'm excited for it. Now I'm gonna go read and laugh at everyone else's misery.

p.p.s. pretties. if you click the pics they get bigger. yay. i love you all excessively.