Saturday, January 30, 2010

when internetz are not to be found...

...I photoshop lame things like this:

I actually really really suck at using photoshop, even after having a class on how to use it. 

I bought a dress yesterday from Mango for $even euros (whooo rebajas!!) which somehow reminds me of this type of galaxy photo, even though it's like faded blue stretchy material, which actually should probably remind me of the 90's rather than stars. Whatever. 

On an unrelated note, I think you should go check out ALEX'S BLOG, because he has a funny question posted, and you should comment on it, because I want to know what you think too. Oh kay? Oh kay.

EDIT: I am fully HTML/computer/technology retarded, I just figured out how to make my images bigger when I post, and it made me really giddy and happy for a second, before I realized that in fact I am retarded for not figuring this out earlier. Whoopsy. Anyway, enjoy.